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Deciphering time

In August 24, 2022 I asked a question on the main site,, that was summarized as Do you know of other scientific journals (in any field) that "...
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I asked for a software solution, question was closed as "shopping" - legit?

I asked this: How can I generate an elegant (academic) static CV web page? which got a couple of answers, including a very relevant one. The question was closed as a "shopping question", but ...
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A question with a lot of non-answers

This question here is asking whether there exists an example of researcher meeting particular criteria, in particular having solved a relevant open problem in the last 30 years and having initally ...
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A (IMHO) very obvious shopping question was not closed, but heavily upvoted - why?

Why has this not been closed as a shopping question? It asks for a list/examples of people fitting a certain criterion. This is so very obvious a shopping question to me, yet, instead of closing it, ...
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How to deal with a question that contains a false premise? How do I make a frame challenge?

Somebody posted a question that makes an assumption I disagree with or think might be wrong. How do I best inform the asker of this? Do I post a comment or an answer, or should I vote to close the ...
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About saving one question for others access (google index and ...)

I think I have asked a good question which could be useful for others, and be in google index. But the question has been recognized as a shopping question, as you can see below: Finding a classmate to ...
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Shopping question vs Resource request

Some questions, like this one get closed as Shopping Questions. But the OP, here, was asking how to get something done, not for a list of things. So, my view is that isn't really a shopping question ...
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Is a question about a specific web service, relating to academic integrity, a shopping question?

I asked and suggested an answer to this question about whether instructors should use a newly-presented academic-integrity web service from the Chegg company (the "Honor Shield"). The ...
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Policy against questions making allegations against named individuals or organisations

Due to recurring problems with questions that contain allegations against named individuals or organisations, we moderators would like to implement a policy against these. This should only affect a ...
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My question disappeared and my rep went 100 points down without any information/notification given to me, even post deletion. Why?

I had recently asked a question about authenticity/information about a scientific research abstracts database called inexsy ( (They call it information exchange system on their site). I ...
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Can I ask questions regarding products related to academia?

I am in search of a height adjustable hands free book holder in my country and searched a lot. My search is unsuccessful. I can get height adjustable orchestral stands, height adjustable laptop stands,...
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Is there any issue with this question?

Is there anything wrong with this question? In particular, is there anything wrong in asking about an educated guess about the possible future impact factor of a new journal? What niche is PRResearch ...
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On the closure of “Are there any scientific papers that were retracted by the publisher due to the reader comments?”

Yesterday, I asked a question in Academia.SE: Are there any scientific papers that were retracted by the publisher due to the reader comments? Disclaimer: I am not racist, and I am fully aware that ...
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New audience-specific texts for our custom close reasons

Background With recent changes to the closing system, we can now tailor the texts for custom close reasons to different audiences: One text that informs close flaggers, voters, and reviewers when ...
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What are the limits of "shopping" questions when it comes to software?

I posted the gist of this as an answer to the meta thread on faculty support during the corona virus, but it was suggested that it might make sense as its own question. What questions should be ...

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