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Welcome to Academia.SE!

Welcome to Academia.SE, the free, community-driven Questions and Answers site for academics of all levels - from aspiring graduate and professional students to senior researchers - as well as anyone ...
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Academia varies more than you think it does – The Movie

Introduction One of the actualities of academia that is important to be aware of when using this site is: Academia varies more than you think it does. More explicitly: Academic practices strongly vary ...
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I need help adapting my academic workflow to the COVID-19/coronavirus crisis – where do I start?

The current COVID-19 crisis impacts academia in several ways: teaching and exams are moved online, conferences are cancelled, travel is restricted, etc. If you are here because of this, here is a ...
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My reason to quit

I closed my account and it will be effectuated within 24 hours. I received an indirect personal attack on my posts. I also do not like how quickly sincere questions of (new) participants are downvoted ...
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Questions that are non-anonymous rants/accusations against specific individuals [duplicate]

I'm a bit concerned about a recent post (now deleted, link for 10 k users only) which was a pretty aggressive accusation with both the specific supervisor and accuser clearly identified. I think most ...
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Complaint about Academia Stack Exchange

I had a falling-out with a professor last year, and the situation has been quite distressing for me. I'm trying to deal with the situation in real life, but so far I haven't gotten answers, so I was ...
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Why is Stackexchange Academia so unwelcoming to new users?

For a site about academia and helping users out with academic related questions, I have tried posting 6-7 times on that forum and each time have had my questions flagged as off topic or too specific. ...
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Questions about particular institutions

The guidelines state: As a general rule, if you're asking about a particular's likely your question is too limited in scope Can this rule be made more precise? In particular, ...
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New audience-specific texts for our custom close reasons

Background With recent changes to the closing system, we can now tailor the texts for custom close reasons to different audiences: One text that informs close flaggers, voters, and reviewers when ...
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Which kinds of answers in comments (if any) do we want to keep?

As I already said here, if we want to better define our stance on answers in comments, this has to be a community effort. We have to clarify how we react to users posting comments as answers, how, if, ...
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We need a closing tag: ASK YOUR ADVISOR

We need an option for closing questions that simply states: ASK YOUR ADVISOR. The one that states that it involves individual institutions rules/customs is close. I know we're limited in closing ...
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If your essay limits 1500 words, can you just reference essay prompt without discussing it, then criticize it?

Apology for If your essay limits 1500 words, can you just reference essay prompt without discussing it, then criticize it?. How can I edit it so it doesn't strongly depend on individual factors? My ...
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Why this question is closed?

Reopen Request for this Question. Its not apparent why this question was closed in the first place.
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Contesting a duplicate question: non-standard career path and two PhDs

Some time ago, I had a question closed and marked as a duplicate. I found the experience to be quite bizarre-- the post many claimed answered my question did not, from my view-- I had in fact read ...
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conference / url answer deletion

I'm not sure my answer got deleted on the right grounds (rather abruptly I might add). Why would the organizers of an online conference ask poster presenters not to include any URLs or hyperlinks in ...
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