Harvard Multiple authors- Alphabetical or not?

I was surprised to see it down-voted. The question may appear stupid to the majority of users here, but I can understand it being a legitimate question from an undergrad.

So, should a question related to academia, but not relevant to postgrad students be down-voted?

(different to Undergraduate questions because these are not specific to an undergraduate situation, but are of the level of understanding that an undergrad would have about academic writing)

  • I think it was downvoted because it was badly asked, not because it seemed to be a "stupid question." (Although probably some people downvoted it for the latter reason, too, and I disagree that they should have.)
    – SAH
    Commented Feb 16, 2015 at 8:18

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I think the downvote is probably a little harsh, but the question in question is just not very good or interesting. It also is not particularly clear in that the OP refers to a set of Harvard guidelines, but doesn't tell us which ones. This might be worthy of an downvote accompanied by a comment.

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