I think that some question involving list are actually good this site (not that the baseline level of objectiveness is shifted with respect to e.g. SO), as:

  • objective,
  • useful,
  • of general interest,
  • not chatty.

For example, I consider this question:

much better than

Moreover, discouraging questions of the first type will generate a lot of questions of the second type (roughly $n(n-1)/2$, where $n$ is number of apps).

In case of doubts - look at the answer the question generates.

Do you agree with such point?

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List-based questions can serve as a useful tool, so long as they encourage answers that are explanatory. A simple collection of web links should not be our goal; curation and explanation fo why links are useful will go a lot further.

As you said, list questions can replace the large number of "Should I do X or Y"-type questions, and in that sense can be valuable, especially if the question is likely to come up anyways.

We should be vigilant to make sure that list-based questions contribute value, rather than just lead to sprawling lists of links.

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