I just noticed that there are two highly similar but distinct tags on the main site:

  1. , which has 893 questions, and , , and as synonyms.
  2. , which has 25 questions, no tag description, and no synonyms.

Since is a synonym of , I think that either:

  1. should be made a synonym of (this seems most appropriate); or
  2. and should be made synonyms of each other, with neither being a synonym of .

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Yes, your option 1 seems the most appropriate. Here, questions about co-authors are essentially questions about authorship, and I can hardly see a description of sufficiently different from that of : I would thus consider 2 not a good option.

Moreover, the description of already explicitly mentions problems of co-authorship:

Queries related to academic authorship, i.e., who should be an author, the order of authors, or special roles such as corresponding authorship.

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