The current COVID-19 crisis impacts academia in several ways: teaching and exams are moved online, conferences are cancelled, travel is restricted, etc. If you are here because of this, here is a brief introduction to our site and resources that may help you.

Finding existing questions

We have the tag for questions specific about the Corona crisis, but older questions about and similar may apply here as well. We maintain collections of questions and external resources sorted by topic:

New questions

If you have a question that is not covered by this, please ask it. Please ensure that your question is focused and clearly states which information you need. Be aware that the following questions are not suited for our site:

  • Scientific questions on immunology and epidemiology can be asked on Medical Sciences or Biology.
  • General travelling questions can be asked on Travel or Expatriates.
  • Math Educators SE and Computer-Science Educators may help you with questions that are specific to teaching in those fields or that are about teaching outside of academia (e.g., at high schools).
  • Questions on the regulations of individual institutions can only be answered by those institutions and may be quickly outdated in light of the crisis. Please see this FAQ for more information.
  • Questions whose answers will be mostly based on speculation about upcoming political and administrative decisions and the further development of the crisis are not suited for this site (and you won’t get good answers anywhere).


We also have a chatroom for online learning and our general chatroom where you may find informal help. However, to talk there, you need 20 reputation on the site first.


If you can, please contribute, in particular by curating the lists of relevant questions. If you find any question that should be referenced here but isn’t, please add it. You can also link relevant resources on other Stack Exchange sites or the Internet in general, but please mark them by stating where they point.

If you can provide better or complementary answers to some of the relevant questions, this is also very welcome.

You can propose other things we can do as a community here.

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    Thanks for doing this. Lots of effort. Appreciated.
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  • Thank you so much! Next time my colleagues are complaining about our students getting too much help on math.SE, I will point out that when you really need fast answers, the SE sites are where to go. Commented Mar 14, 2020 at 14:25

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Remote teaching, studying, and exams

General and Other

Other Collections (all external)

Exams, Exercises, and other Evaluation

Lectures and interactions

Course Design and Material


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    @luchonacho: On a second thought, I would not include those links. The first is very specific to that university’s systems; the second one is paywalled.
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Other questions and resources pertaining to the COVID-19 crisis


Remote collaborations, job interviews, etc.

Employment and Applications

Working from home or without direct contact

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