Could we reopen Is there anything I can do about an unreasonably severe teacher??

According to the help center, questions about "Requirements and expectations of academicians" are specifically on topic. The way I see it, this fits squarely into that category. It doesn't seem to fit into any of the off-topic categories either (although I realize that doesn't mean specifically that it's on topic).

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I just edited out the undergraduate references and hit it with a mod hammer. Seems like a perfectly fine question to me and I am guessing it got closed by the contingent that believes any question asked by an undergraduate is off topic.

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    I absolutely agree, in fact I had voted to reopen shortly before your action. Notwithstanding the now-no-longer-new policy about undergraduate questions, we still get questions closed for mentioning the word undergraduate. I propose to make it a taboo word for this site: the u-word! Aug 22, 2018 at 20:43

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