I'd like to have my question ZbMATH and conflict of interest reopened. It needs a vote or two more.

The claimed duplicate is Under what circumstances is there a conflict of interest for a researcher to be a reviewer of a submitted academic paper?.


  • zbMATH is a collection of post-publication reviews of articles, not a peer reviewed journal. As such, the standards for having a conflict of interest might be different.
  • zbMATH reviews are not anonymous. Peer reviews usually are. This might also influence what is and is not a conflict of interest.

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I think that is a pretty clear case for a difference, I like how you edited the question to make the case clearer. If there is anything useful in the comments, you may want to edit that in also.

  • I think most of the comments are obsolete or not relevant to begin with and can be deleted with no loss of anything of importance.
    – Tommi
    Oct 27, 2017 at 14:13

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