I have notice that there is a separate tag with the following tag-excerpt: "Questions related to various reference/citation management software used for recording and utilising bibliographic citations."

However, it seems that some questions about citations managers are tagged by (citations) and (software) instead of (or in addition to) the tag (reference-managers).

What is the correct way to tag questions of this type? Should we use all three tags? Or perhaps reference-managers and citations (if would be considered as "a subtag" of )?

Should we add the tag to older questions about this topic which do not use this tag in order to make them easier to find? (Perhaps they were asked before the tag was created - or maybe simply the OP was unaware of the tag.)

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There is no agreed consensus on this. SE has no concept of "sub-tags", for now. If you are below the 5-tag limit, I suggest using all three, which is the most helpful choice.

If you must choose, I would go with the most specific one, because it looks like the most helpful one to a potential searcher. (In addition, doing this is future-proof: it does the right thing automatically if sub-tags and taxonomies are added to the platform one day.)

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