There is a masters program that I am very interested in attending (remotely) and they want letters of recommendation. Previously I had asked former professors, and they did most of the structural work in the letter, but when I asked peers, managers, and coworkers in industry they are asking me to provide a draft. It is really hard for me to "toot my own horn" - that is one of my biggest challenges in the annual review process, or in making a resume.

Is this the right forum to ask questions on that topic?

In particular I would like to ask something like the following:

What resources are available for guiding an appropriate letter of recommendation that isn't plagiarism, that evokes the words and perspectives of the recommender?

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While this is a valid question, there is a very comprehensive question that exact topic here: What does it mean if a professor asks you to draft his reference letter for you? I strongly suggest that you check that out before posting a similar question.

  • What a fantastic link! Thank you. Mar 1, 2017 at 22:00

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