This question is now live: I've been admitted to multiple PhD programs, how should I choose between them?

In March/early April, we often get (highly specific) questions from students who have been admitted to multiple graduate programs, and are not sure how to choose between them.

I think we could benefit from a "canonical" question and high-quality answer explaining what kinds of things to take into consideration in making such a decision. This Q&A would serve as a duplicate target for questions asking for help deciding between multiple programs, and would aggregate all this advice in one place.

We have several such canonical posts for other similarly broad questions, and they have been fairly successful:

The proposed Q&A would be community wiki, and the answer would quote relevant parts from existing answers to questions on topics such as:

Comparing universities

Comparing potential advisors

Comparing research groups

Comparing offers based on funding

Balancing multiple metrics

Does this canonical Q&A seem like it would be useful?

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    As a soon-to-be graduate student, I thank everyone in this community for taking the time to answer such questions, as well as rounding up some really important ones to help people like me through the process! Commented Apr 10, 2016 at 22:03

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I like this proposal, because it offers useful advice while still giving us a mechanism to weed out the "A or B" questions we get this time of year.

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