I was drafting a question entitled, "How to make a group or department women-friendly?" when I noticed that the wonderful "Questions that may already have your answer" feature was pointing me helpfully to a related existing question: What is being done to make the academic environment more women friendly?.

Unfortunately, the existing how-can-we-make question received very little attention. I would like to start a bounty on that question. My only hesitation is that a user found fault with the question as written.

What would be more effective -- set a bounty on the original question, or write a new question?

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I think the real question is this: why aren't you satisfied with the answers to the original question?

  • If you think that the original question would receive good answers if people paid more attention to it, then set a bounty.
  • If you think that the original question didn't receive the answers you're looking for because it wasn't focused on the particular aspect of the problem you want, then ask a new question. In the new question, link to the existing question and say why it doesn't answer your question already.
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I would only ask a new question, if it is new. If you ask a duplicate question, it will get closed. The original question is not great, but it is not awful either. I would try a bounty, if the question addresses the issue you are after.

I do not think my answer is great, but what type of answer are you looking for?

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