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I just wanted to know that if I can ask a question related to How and Why to pursue a course (country specific) ?

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Unfortunately "how" and "why" questions about a particular course are likely to be off-topic for the following reasons:

  1. "How" is usually either exceedingly generic or else highly dependent on a particular institution's processes and regulations. For example, we cannot hope to tell you what to do in order to be admitted to a do Ph.D. in anthropology at Oxford.
  2. "Why" is usually very opinion-based and individual in nature. For example, my reasons for pursuing a degree in computer science were quite different than those of my office-mates.

That said, there may be cases where something is answerable; it's hard to know without knowing more about the question that you want to ask.


Try to reword a question if it uses "how" or "why" and keep a few things in mind:

1). Is this only applicable to undergrads? (will be closed)

2). Is this question too broad? If there are a lot of working parts to your question or a lot of possible answers that could all be correct then you are likely to get closed (your question that is)

3).Is it opinion-based? @jakebeal did a good job at explaining this.

I have asked a "how" and "why" question before, but rewording the information and title is what kept me from getting closed. However, not every question that is a "how" or "why" question will be accepted even if it is reworded.

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