I noticed that questions labeled with the application tag generally fall into the category of applications for a course of study or fellowship. However, a few (I think two currently) use this tag to mean the application of theory to do something "useful", often leading to a marketable product. My tendency would be to create a tag called application of theory or something similar for the second type. However, I also realize that the term application is ambiguous, so I'd like to slightly rename it to avoid the confusion. One possibility is application process, but that seems only slightly better.

So now, my question. I haven't done much retagging before, is this something I should just do, or are there more guidelines I'm missing? Second, does anyone have better suggestions than application process and application of theory?


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By default, I understand application as in "application for a position". I'd be rather in favor of leaving the tag application with this meaning, and to change it for when it means application of theory to something like "applied-research".

I guess that if you have the correct privileges, you can do create the new tag and retag the required posts. If there is a conflict later on, we can solve it here :)

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