Recently, I find that in the writers.SE, there is a academic tag. Its description says:

Writing texts in a scientific or educational setting: peer-reviewed articles, theses, text books, and others.

I think that it is completely overlap with this academia.SE site. So if I have a question about writing, which site will I get the best answers if I ask in? Can I cross-duplicate my question to get the best from both worlds?

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I think that Writers.SE is a better place to ask about general style and grammar, while Academia.SE is a better place to ask about substance and academic customs.

There's a big grey area where a question might legitimately be asked on either (e.g., these two questions on active vs. passive voice). Do not however, post a question on both: that is considered a Bad Thing on SE sites. Pick the one you think will give you the best answer, and your question can be migrated to the other if necessary.


When it comes to academic writing, several SE sites other than Academia.SE might give you a good answer, at least in principle: Writers.SE or, even, for the usage of English, ELU.SE and ELL.SE.

I'm a bit hesitating, however, in suggesting to ask there questions about academic writing in technical fields (in case you are from a technical field) because I have the impression that there are not many academics who participate in the sites I've listed, especially from technical fields.

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