The following question is being considered to be a duplicate of the second.

How do I become a journal reviewer?

How do you earn opportunites to review journals or conference papers?

I was basing the first question on the second. I'm not doubting the opportunities to review papers as a grad student or a post-doc. However, I'm more curious about how one becomes the primary reviewer vs. being a person who helps out with the review. I'm curious about how to separate the two questions or potentially merge them.

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thanks for posting this here. I closed your question because it seemed to be completely answered by the accepted answer of the first. The question you posed above (primary vs. "helper" reviewer) here is definitely a different one, but I didn't see that in the question text, which is why I closed it. Why don't you just edit the question to reflect what you asked above and we can re-open it? Note: After you make the edit, add a comment with "@eykanal" so I'll be notified that the edit was made.

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    I reread your answer it does seem to sufficiently answer my question. Thanks.
    – bobthejoe
    Jun 6, 2012 at 5:58

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