With my current setup: Google Chrome, OS X Yosemite, a 27 inches 2560x1440 monitor, somehow the font used on academia -- and probably other -- is not using sub pixel font smoothing. It is not legible. Is there a justification for this ? I don't feel like diving into CSS and custom style right now, so if there is a quick fix, I would like to know it.

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My suspicion is that this is not an Academia issue, but a browser or Yosemite issue. If I examine the same page in Safari or Google, I get a very different appearance than when I try to view the site in Firefox (for instance). I personally find the text in Firefox easier to read, as it is "heavier" and stands out better against the background.

  • Confirmed. Safari and Chrome on OS X won't smooth fonts. However Linux Chrome and OS X Firefox do smooth fonts.
    – alecail
    Nov 2, 2014 at 10:51

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