The tag has the following tag wiki excerpt:

An independent researcher is not affiliated with any university or academic institution, and does not receive grants from any such institutions.

Many of the questions in the tag are consistent with this meaning. For example,

However, other relate to the different meaning of "developing academic independence (from one's supervisor) as a research student or postdoc." For example:

and several others.

This is a bad ambiguity, since people looking for questions about "unaffiliated researchers" are not the same people who are looking for questions about "research independence".

I therefore propose to:

  1. Rename to (using the magic mod tool, so it won't bump any questions)
  2. Create a tag with the wiki excerpt

    On developing academic independence (e.g., from one's supervisor) as a research student or postdoc.

  3. Re-tag the mistagged questions in that are really about

One thing I am not sure about is what to do with . I feel like it should be made a synonym of something, since people are likely to try and create it otherwise; but I'm not sure which it should be made a synonym of.


I approve of the split into two tags. However, I feel like there might need to be instead of just . I think it does a better job of encapsulating the goal.

Then, I would lump into .


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