Currently, the tag wiki excerpt for defines the scope of this tag as follows:

The process of preparing a scientific manuscript, finding suitable journal or conference and submitting the manuscript for publication.

This seems overly broad to me. There is so much entropy in questions with this tag that it is practically meaningless. It's become a catch-all tag for everything related to publishing academic papers, which we already have in . Furthermore,

  • "The process of preparing a scientific manuscript" is already covered pretty thoroughly by other tags: , , , and probably some others I haven't thought of.
  • On "finding suitable journal or conference" - seems like or are a more natural fit than .

I therefore propose to narrow the scope of the tag as follows:

On the process of submitting a paper for review or publication by a conference or journal. Typical questions with this tag relate to selection of preferred or conflicted reviewers, timeline of the submission process, and typesetting or compilation by the publisher.

Examples of questions within the scope of this tag would include:

but would not include other aspects of manuscript preparation, such as deciding what content should go in the paper, or what journal to submit to.

For those new to meta: voting on meta is different from voting on the main site. Vote this post up if you agree overall with the proposed change in scope; vote down if you disagree with the proposed change.

If you would like to express arguments for or against the proposed change, or suggest minor changes to this proposal, write an answer!

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