We have a number of country- and continent-specific tags on Academia.SE:

(feel free to add any existing "country" tags I missed).

These tags are used alongside other tags when asking about conventions or academic systems that are specific to a particular country.

Some, like Europe and Germany, have excellent tag wikis that describe in some detail the specific quirks of that country's academic system. Others... not so much.

If you are personally familiar with a particular academic system, please take a moment to look over its tag wiki and fill in these details.

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I think the and tags are pretty useless. There is just too much variability across the contents to make the tags useful. A few questions from the tag (e.g., the ones on FP7 funding and ECTS) might be better served by the tag.

  • I agree, but I think this is a subtly different issue to the question - might I suggest making it a new Meta question?
    – Flyto
    Sep 12, 2014 at 8:33

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